Vintage Berlin

When you say Berlin, you say vintage (second hand is also okay). I've never seen so many vintage stores and flea markets in one city.

As I'm currently on a budget, I find it a sport to find nice pieces in a pile of 'junk'. And yeah, its really a sport, the first time I went to Colours, one of the biggest vintage shops in Berlin I could only spend halve an hour max, so much choice, so many clothes, it made my head spin..

So my friend and I decided to go back there one morning, ready to attack all those clothing racks. We spend three (!) whole hours in Colours and came home with some nice and cheap goodies. I really loved some of the leather boots they sell, unfortunately, none of these in my size.. I'll just keep on coming back to see what's 'new'.

Address: Bergmannstrasse 102 Berlin


  1. adore this post. so fun. your blog never lets me down. thanks for sharing, love. if you get second i'd love to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. xo

  2. I love how neatly organized the clothes are, by color. I rarely shop vintage because I can't rummage through the mess. But this store looks well organized!



  3. This sounds like my heaven... those racks look amazing. I want to go there!


  4. need to hed to berlin immediately BECAUSE i have a need for great vintage and bargain shops. adore all of these!!
    xo TJ

  5. I think I'm headed to Berlin...

  6. Looks like I need to head to Berlin! We don't have many stores like that here in South Australia! Newest follower!

  7. Yeah you can find great deals in Berlin. Especially on the markets.
    But I found Brooklyn the best.
    Here in London are massive vintage shops like Colours but it's hard to find something decent. It's better to look through Charity Shops.

    I have to come and visit Berlin again soon.

  8. Love it! :)

    Check out the new Documentary  "Revenge of the Electric Car"!! Help to get it over here in Europe, too!

  9. Great store !! Nice collection of boots too they have there :)

  10. ahh how lovely. must have been fun!

  11. I really enjoyed this post! I love your sense of style!

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