Orange Fever

“Campione, campione ole, ole, ole!” the group shouts after the game. ‘The group’ is a combination of people (mainly men) I know quite well and people I vaguely know. They hug, jump, cheer and sing, all dressed up in orange. I find myself in the middle of it and I love it! 

Never thought that I would be saying this… But I totally caught the Orange Fever!  Normally, I dislike football, as, for me it’s a synonym for fathers and boyfriends, who prefer watching a game (some men running after a football) over watching a romantic comedy….

But now, everything is different; I can’t wait for Sunday’s game, when Holland will play the final of the world championship football. I feel excited, nervous and happy! 

I will probably watch the game on the biggest screen in Holland; it’s located in Amsterdam. Together with thousands of other fans, I will scream, shout, curse, cheer, dance, and sing. All for our national team….  

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