Thai Cooking

Just got back from the most amazing Thai cooking workshop. It was a present from Marlon and me for my dad’s sixtieth birthday. He never cooks, because my mom is the best cook in the world. He actually never had the chance to develop his cooking skills, so we thought, let’s give him a chance J!

It took place in a tiny Thai food shop. The workshop was quite personal as it was just the four of us and the cook arranged a special Thai birthday ceremony with orchids and jasmine floating in water. While I poured the water over my dad’s hands I said my whishes for him out loud. There was also a banana flower, which stands for love and sacrifice from parents for their children. If the flower grows and comes off, the banana tree dies. All very impressive.

We prepared several dishes: a creamy curry-like fish package in banana leafs, amazing fresh spring rolls, yummy noodles, a fresh-spicy papaya salad and a light and delicious cucumber soup.

After five (!) hours of cooking and eating, we learned more about food than we could ever imagine and were full from all the amazing dishes. We said goodbye to the two amazing ladies that were our teachers for that day, while carrying home kilos of the food we prepared. We went home, smiling, satisfied and tired.

And my dad? He turned out to be the best student from the four of us! The cook even wanted to hire my dad to help during the Asian fair in the summer!
Because of his patients and precise character, he prepared the most beautiful looking spring rolls and banana leaf trays. Or maybe he just has a hidden talent we never knew about?

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