Back in Town

Hi! Remember me? Thanks for dropping by. I've been off-line for quite a while now due to a very not unimportant issue... vacation!  I'm back feeling great and relaxed (well.. I have to be honest, there is some moving and packing-boxes stress going on, but we will just ignore that for now).

I had the greatest time in Tuscany(Italy) together with Marlon and my family.
I enjoyed the most delicious perfect and fresh food and learned that Italians are very friendly and helpful. There was a man who offered us a ride from the train station to 'our' house, because the taxi service was not responding to our calls. I'm still grateful that he gave us the ride, I wouldn't know how to get at the (remote)house any other way.

Love. Love. Love Italy!

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  1. Hallo :) Dank Je wel voor de Leuk reactie. Ik geniet enorm van dat u de tijd om te schrijven in de nederlandse taal ; Omdat ik nog aan het leren van :-), dat was Super mooie.
    Fijne Avond!!


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