Just do it?

Today, I decided to dust of my running shoes and used them for the purpose I bought 'em. Must say it felt great! I took a run of 30 minutes (so proud of myself, although have to admit, with a little walking in between... hehe..).

I keep asking myself, why is it so hard to get myself in a running routine? It has been months since I had a routine of 3 times a week. Perhaps It's what Nike says, "Just do it"?

Do you, dear readers have some advice for me? How do you stick to your routine? I would love to hear it.

Image: Running Pippa, via Wasaphollywood


  1. this time last year, i was on a routine work out ritual.... i went to the gym at least three times a week, and worked out for an hour each time. now, i have been insanely busy and traveling; i want to get back into it, but you need that catalyst to get over the first few weeks. so hard!


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  3. Oye. I need to get on the running band wagon too. Although, getting back into the full swing of things, I'm committing to 90 days of crunches. Crunches EVERY single day (about 300) even if I don't do a full workout. As long as I do crunches. I figure if I see progress in that one area, it'll motivate me hard enough to focus on other areas as well..otherwise, I get too ADD and don't workout consistently.

  4. Wow, that is so impressive, 300 crunches a day, you're such a trooper!!

    X Mandy


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