Factory Girl!

Our Dutch friends took us to a great place while they were here in December: Factory Girl.
It's located in Friedrichshain, one of the rough and artistic neighborhoods of Berlin. When we entered the cafe, we were warmly welcomed by (what I believe was) one of the owners. My attention was immediately drawn to the big bowls in the vitrine.

We were asked which flavor of Magnolia we would like to taste. I went for the cookie dough, yeaaahhh this was freakin' delicious! It tasted like cheesecake (it looks a bit like a splashed cheesecake actually). When we got to ordering, I decided to go for the pomegranate Magnolia, also very yummy!

The atmosphere in the cafe was great and the decoration is amazing. I felt right at home and happy with my coffee, I will definitely come back!  

I'd never heard of Magnolia, but apparently it's a typical New York dessert, as I was told at the cafe. I am curious. Have you heard of it before?

Website Factory Girl!

Photo of Magnolia bowl by Factory Girl!


  1. cookie dough~ YUM*
    p.s adore the brick wall!

  2. I just got back from Berlin!! Such amazing food and vibe! Will be going back ASAP!

    Check out our blog and do some shopping!!
    xx Julie xx

  3. Great I will check this place out! we are going to Berlin in 2 weeks time. So excited.

  4. never heard of magnolia and have lived in nyc! sounds delicious though.

  5. Yes you should really go there Liv! :-)


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