Ravioli and Crisp

On Saturdays, me and Marlon usually go to the Organic Market /Farmer's Market at the Karl August Platz in Charlottenburg here in Berlin. Last Saturday I wanted to get something that I'd never tried before, rhubarb. I don't know why, but my mother, who is an amazing cook, never used this veggie in the kitchen. So I was really looking forward to trying something new.

So off we went! It turned out that rhubarb is not too expensive this time of year, so bought lots of it. While passing by an Italian food stand the woman of the stand asked us if we were interested in free fresh pasta (note: we are always a bit late, the market closes at 2 pm, and we are usually there 15 min. before, so the woman was leaving).... duh... I took one bag of pasta (of course I wanted, to take more.. but modesty is the key when you get something for free....I guess..), not knowing what was inside the Ravioli, quite exciting!

So our main course was some delicious ricotta-spinach Ravioli with garlic tomato sauce, topped off with Parmesan an olive oil, it was crazy "lecker'!

For dessert I made Forest Fruit Rhubarb Crisp with yogurt. I got the recipe from Joy of Baking and it was really really good, I will definitely make this again. Only next time I will try to use less sugar, as it was a tiny bit too sweet for my taste. The rhubarb was easy to cut and that made it easy to work with. It's texture really suits the fruit. I'm a happy woman, now I know Mr. Rhubarb.

It was a great indulging weekend, too bad my pants is getting tighter, I really need to get my exercise going.. but that is another story ;)


  1. This looks so amazing! I always shop at Farmer's Markets. The produce is always so good!


    with love from Mademoiselle Meese

  2. YUM; hooray for indulging weekends! I just made an apple pie.
    These look all so good.

  3. Your Forest Fruit Rhubarb Crisp looks DIVINE! :)


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