Sunny App

This is really an awesome app! Here in Berlin, the buildings are not that tall, but they can be a real sun blocker in the afternoon.

I have to confess, I don't have a smartphone. I never saw the added value to do more with it than calling and texting. And don't forget the price of these little treasures.

However, lately I feel the urge to have one, especially when living so far away from friends and family, Skyping would be so much easier to do from a phone.. and apps like these.. make t very tempting to buy one. Ah, well, maybe next month.

How about you? Do you have a smartphone? If so, which one do you have and do you recommend it?

Enjoy your (hopefully sunny) Sunday everyone!

Idea from: Eva Rickard and Michal found via Bright Bazaar 


  1. I can't imagine being without one.
    In my job as freelance make up artist, it's absolutely essiential to be available all the time, and being able to reply to emails etc.
    Also navigating to a different shoot location daily would be much more hassle without a map within my phone.
    I look up all sorts of things during the day as well. I now got an iPad as well, to carry my portfolio and moodboards with me and be able to work on the go.
    I know there are many good products out there, but I love the i Phone. x

  2. I'm not alone in this world. I don't have a smart phone either. I'd love to own an iPhone, but I could never spend the equal of one month of rent for a phone. I don't call they much and I don't text that much. All I would use would be the apps. No point in having a phone.

  3. Thanks Liv and Bobbi for your reply!

    @Liv, I totally understand why the Iphone is so important for you, especially being on the road all the time, I must admit that there are several times where I'm really wishing for a smartphone, 'cause I just got lost (I actually get lost all the time, I've got no sense of direction whatsoever).

    @Bobbi, I got you, indeed I know what you mean, about the money and all..

    I made the decision to buy an Iphone next month!

    Thanks lovely ladies! <3


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