My dear friends, how was your weekend? Mine was quite relaxing and nice!

On Saturday I stayed in,  together with my cookbooks and my organic groceries and  didn't feel guilty at all, because it rained the entire day.

I took some time to prepare socca, (see previous post) and it turned out great and yummy! Thanks Sarah B.! I added some extra goat cheese, lime juice and coriander.

Sunday was lovely and sunny, really enjoyed the festival and atmosphere... and a delicious piece of lemon cake (oooppss, sometimes it's hard to stick to healthy food if you are in one of the coziest and best lunchrooms in The Hague...).


  1. ohh my goodness that looks delish!!

  2. Amai ziet er heerlijk uit! Je hebt hele mooie inspiratie posts op je blog!
    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  3. Thanks Alicia, en het was inderdaad heerlijk :-)


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