Sorry for my lack of post, I was very busy with one of my favourite things to do.. (not).. packing boxes!
I will join Marlon after the 15th of September in Berlin, however our stuff will go today, as I need to leave our apartment in The Hague before the 1st. So I will be staying at a friends house and at my parents for some weeks.

Every time I move I get surprised by the amount of stuff we (mostly I, hihi) have.

I always promise myself I will get rid of halve of it after I've moved (yes, I know that doing this before moving is thousand times better), but it never seems to work for me.

Sometimes it's hard to throw things away, like clothes: I know that skirt is so 2004, but then I can clearly picture the moment I bought it and how it felt when it was brand new!  And it might come back to fashion again! Ok.. you get my point. :-) I am not a hoarder by the way.

Today is the big moving day! Marlon and his friend drove to The Hague with a van and today we will  try and see if all these boxes fit in there.. Eeeeks wish me luck!

For all you East coasters out there: I hope Irene will be gentle, take care!


  1. Good Luck with Moving!! This week Irene Hit the Caribbean,Where I happen to be studying at the moment and it wasn't a gentle Hurricane/ Storm, it was something horrible out of Armageddon. I hope that it doesn't claim any lives in the U.S.

  2. Wow that is horrible! Take care!

    Moving went well!

    X Mandy

  3. Thank you :) .. all is well now

  4. Tres fan ce photo:)


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