Can I take this interior and put it in our apartment?

The interior of Sisse Jonassen's Hudson Valley house is one that would make me feel relaxed and right at home.

At this point, our Berlin apartment is not quite finished yet.

There are still some boxes to be unpacked and stuff to be put on the wall. We take our time, as Marlon is super busy at his job and I started this week with a German language course (lots of homework and a test tomorrow!).

I might share some pictures of our apartment, in 2 months or so ;-)

PS. The weather has been so fantastic during this last week, I really feel happy and welcome in this fantastic city!

Via: Design Sponge


  1. Good Luck with your German Learning class :-) and the pics are beautiful, also I awarded you the Lovely Blog Award.
    Have a Great sunday/week

  2. Thank you for the nice comment :) and for correcting me about your blog's name, I have now fixed it.
    Ha ha, Dutch is even more difficult than English itself, unfortunately I don't really have enough time to learn Dutch; but I'm thinking about Learning German, since they offer Language courses in German , where I live and unfortunately no Dutch ( Hence the Extra difficulty) Because I think that it will make Learning Dutch fluently a little "easier" ? Every time I write in Dutch, I get confused because I can't understand the order. when I write i tend to think in English and it almost always doesn't work.
    Fijne Avond

  3. Yes, indeed, I would not know how to explain our language to those who can't speak it. So it's really brave of you!! :-)

    Fijne avond!

  4. Dank je wel :-) it's okay.


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