Night at the Museum

The fun thing about Berlin is that there's always so much to do. Many cultural events and amazing parties.

Even during weekdays you can be one of the party peeps... Love it (although it can make me feel a bit paralysed sometimes, this overload of fun ;-) )  !!

A while ago. we went to the Berlinische Galerie to visit the "Kunst Nacht" (Art Night), after enjoying the DJ's, we made a move (all giggly) through the museum, it was breathtaking. The collection was beautiful and impressive. I always thought that I wasn't into modern art, but this is really something that changed my mind forever. It has a great collection. If you are in Berlin, visit it!

It was a perfect night... the only thing that I missed was a visit to the museum shop, it was closed.

For more information on the Berlinische Galerie click here.


  1. Wow, the last piece looks amazing! xx

  2. I love Museum's these are lovely pictures. Especially, the last photo. What an intriguing artwork.

  3. Thanks! Indeed the last piece is stunning!

  4. I love going to museums! I really love the last piece of art.



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